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Maiya Chinonye

​Maiya's Media is a Digital Media Studio in Houston, Texas specializing in professional portraits and branding development.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, to an American born mother and Nigerian born father, Maiya is the youngest of four girls. Recently graduating from The University of Houston with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Media with an emphasis in Motion Media, she discovered her love and passion for digital media as a young child. All thanks to her father who is an industrial engineer, he placed any technical gadget he ever bought in her hands and the rest is history.


God is Love

“I thank God everyday to be able to do what I have had a passion for since I was a little girl.  Not to many people can say that. Before graduating college I was determined to start my own business, which is now known as Maiya's Media. I honestly never planned on having a 9 - 5 corporate job but God had other plans for me. I currently work for a Billion Dollar Industrial Distribution Company here in Houston as a Graphic Designer. Balancing both Maiya's Media & my Corporate job has taken my work ethic to another level.  I eat, breath and sleep this creative world I have prayed and asked God for. 

God is my strength & the greatest provider in my life. I pray He continues to use me according to His Will.


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